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COCOON'S MISSION: To support women and their families by providing them with the tools, guidance, and support necessary to navigate life's challenges and thrive.

COCOON'S VALUES:  Compassion, integrity, respect, and kindness.


WHY CHOOSE US: Lynette's holistic approach combines the best of coaching with an evidence-based therapeutic approach to create transformative experiences that foster growth, resilience, and overall well-being. 

  • Expertise: Trained and experienced in the respective fields, ensuring that you receive the highest quality of care and support.

  • Confidentiality: We understand the importance of maintaining your privacy and client confidentiality.

  • Vision: Our goal is to help you unlock your full potential and build a life filled with confidence, resilience, and happiness.

  • Commitment: We are committed to providing you with the tools and support you and your family need to thrive.

Founded by Lynette Tipper PCC, Therapist, Coach and UK registered Mindfulness Educator with over 500+ ICF approved coaching hours under her belt. Lynette has a strong background in H.R, training, recruitment, and working within the UK charity sector. Born and raised in London, she moved to the UAE in 2007, where she met the love of her life & have two beautiful and LIVELY children - who are their world and keep them on their toes! Passionate about self-development and being of service to others, Lynette created COCOON as a coaching space for women and couples. COCOON - KIDS & TEENS shortly followed, with the vision of inspiring young minds to upgrade behaviours using a growth mindset and acquire E.Q & mindfulness skills that last a life time.


We've had the most incredible and exciting few years! From our daily business of supporting clients through 'face2face', online and family group coaching sessions, being a guest speaker for the MEFIT TEEN SUMMIT 2018 (reaching over 500+ teens), partnering and delivering the DOVE SELF ESTEEM PROJECT 2019 across several Dubai schools, corporate workshop on 'The Power of Mindset' for Mubadala, invited to join the expert panel for, guest speaker on several podcasts, and providing teacher training and parent support workshops - all geared towards a happier, healthier and more purposeful version of themselves.


Your wellbeing matters now more than ever before, so contact us and see where the adventure takes you!




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