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Guidance & Inspiration - Embrace Life's Challenges

Are you searching for clarity and focus? If you could change one thing in your life that would make the most difference, what would it be? What are you seeking?


Questions are so important, especially when we feel blocked and lose sight of purpose. 


With a combination of coaching techniques, we help clients reframe and resolve internal conflict and smash limiting beliefs holding you back from unlocking your full potential. We address values, needs, and boundaries, and work alongside you to create compelling outcomes to make personal and professional goals truly resonate. Get in touch and start reconnecting with your inner-warrior today.


*NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a model of communication – how we communicate to self and others and how that communication creates and affects behavior.

Our Children are the Future

We are passionate about building resilience & confidence with our wonderful young clients & 'Leaders of the Future'.  Our vision is to equip young people with the tools to succeed in life and reach their full potential. Through NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, E.Q techniques & mindfulness, we demonstrate how to become resourceful even at the most stressful times. Using active-listening, we provide goal-orientated, practical and age-appropriate tools e.g Lego, games, Surya Kids yoga, crafts (paints & A lOT of glitter), story cubes, role play, activity sheets, mood cards, Wozza our friendly Worry Monster and many, many, more.


Some of the issues our clients come to us with are; low self-esteem, body image, weight issues, bereavement, parental divorce, school transitions, social media pressure, cyber-bullying, exam stress, confidence issues, anger issues etc.  We pride ourselves in providing a safe space for parent and child to engage in a thought-provoking and creative process which explores the particular issues troubling family dynamics..


On request and following a brief assessment, we can provide a detailed report offering an insight into your child's 'Learning Style'. Usually, children will show a balance among all three categories e.g visual, auditory and kinaesthetic but the report will highlight if there is a particular style that allows your child to thrive - making learning more accessible & FUN!!!


Our goal is to empower all our younger clients with a greater understanding of anger & fear issues and equip them with the ability to express themselves confidently and calmly. We thrive on seeing young people develop a better sense of self-awareness and self-support knowing they are equipped with future-focused coping mechanisms to improve thought patterns. 


We strongly recommend a minimum of 6 sessions for optimal results.


*NLP is a model of communication – how we communicate to self and others and how that communication creates and affects our behavior.



Restore the Harmony, Happiness & Love.

Relationship Coaching helps explore, evaluate and re-discover the secrets of connection and fulfillment in your marriage, identifying the necessary boundaries, limiting beliefs, fears and unmet needs standing in the way of your happiness. This service is a favourite amongst many clients because it helps reclaim playfulness, presence and passion for a happier and harmonious life.


We recommend 6 couple sessions, but clients can be seen separately if preferred.



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