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COCOON KIDS & TEENS Tips on moving to a NEW school...

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Hey ho, hey ho, it’s off to a new school they go!!

The first day of a new school in a different country can be an exciting but nerve-racking time, especially if you and your family are recent expats to the UAE. A new school, new journey, new culture, learning a new language, new class, new teacher, new timetable, new uniform, new PE kit…the list goes on! A question which often pops up with some of my young clients is, “What if I don’t make any Friends?” The good news is that there are many ways to help young people make new friends and here are a few tips I give my clients….

Firstly, be yourself and BREATH! Not shallow, chest breathing but deep diaphragmatic breathing. Two minutes worth or even just 4 or 5 simple deep diaphragmatic breaths can instantly put your mind into a relaxed, resourceful state emanating confidence and combating first day nerves.

Secondly, ‘your vibe attracts your tribe’, so a warm, natural smile, plenty of friendly eye contact and confident body language are important, especially when meeting people for the first time. Introducing yourself by name and asking others their name, will help break down barriers and entice others to welcome you. The ‘Power Pose’ is a brilliant move that helps restore confidence almost immediately if you start to feel anxious at any point. In 2012, Harvard Business School professor ,Amy Cuddy, gave a now famous TED Talk on the benefits of "power-posing" and changing your body language in ways that can make you and your brain feel instantly more confident, so check it out!

Thirdly, ask classmates questions and find friends with similar interests. Sign up for lunch time activities and after school clubs. It’s a great way to make lots of new friends from different classes too. Possibly one of THE most important things to remember is to show kindness, especially if you notice someone being left out. Why not invite them to join you for lunch or break time? “Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day.” Sally Koch

Finally, it’s only natural for there to be a few tears and ‘bumps in the path’, but this is the beginning of a wonderful journey – so try your best to visualize it going as well as possible. Things will settle in time and before you know it, graduation will be around the corner!! ❤

Lynette Tipper, Master Coach, NLP Kids Practitioner & Founder of Cocoon Coaching Solutions

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