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"I saw Lynette at a time when there were some big changes afoot in several areas of my life, yet I felt stuck, anxious as to how I would possibly navigate and cope with the coming months and that I would somehow end up just losing myself in the process as I had done several times before.  

Lynette made me feel completely at ease right from the start - she is a fantastic and intuitive listener and has a variety of tools at her fingertips to help uncover and release anything that is holding you back.  For me, that included a number of things that weren't even remotely on my radar but I have come to realise were essential for me to acknowledge to be able to move forward.  I'd done quite a lot of work with psychologists before, which has been very helpful but my work with Lynette helped me explore and uncover areas that I had hitherto not directly addressed and for that I am truly grateful. She has helped me to help myself and that is a great gift!"

Elizabeth, Abu Dhabi

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